Certified Cymatherapy™ Practitioner CCP

Course Description

Our online certification provides in-depth information on the history, science and technique of Cymatherapy™ utilized with the AMI 750 Acoustic Meridian Intelligence™ device.

The information covers how to utilize the device with ten channels that address 95% of the health concerns we face today. It provides a history of Cymatherapy™, how it works and also its recent developments. The practitioner will be certified through Cyma Technologies to offer therapy for stress relief, pain relief and to increase vitality. The course also provides a practicum in a clinical setting and mentoring throughout the required case studies.

The training has four modules which can be completed at the practitioner’s timing within a year.  Each module can be paid for separately. There is a pre-requisite of a college level Anatomy and Physiology class. If you have already completed an Anatomy and Physiology course previously in other studies, please submit your transcript at the time you complete your application. You may complete an approved online course.  Each applicant will also be required to complete a Cymatherapy™ Health History form.

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Course Costs

  • Application Fee   $25 (non-refundable) 
  • Anatomy and Physiology  $  149 (Not included in tuition.  This is the cost of an approved online course if you do not have a transcript from previous study.)  Click here for an approved on-line course.
  • Tuition:  Total    $750.00


Module One $150

  • Operating the AMI 750™
  • Options for Your Future in Sound Therapy
  • Understanding the Legal Documents
  • FDA Classification
  • Introduction to Sound Therapy
  • What is Cymatics and Cymatherapy
  • Theoretical Evidence of How Sound Therapy Works
  • Cyma Technologies History and Philosophy
  • Innovators in the Field
  • Test Questions for Module 1


Module Two      $150

  • Practitioner Legalities
  • In-depth look at the Cyma Five
  • Introduction to the Body Balancing Channels
  • Combining the Cyma 10 Channels
  • Test Questions for Module 2


Module Three   $300

  • Starting the Case Study Process
  • How to choose clients for the studies
  • Oversight of the three case studies
  • Filling out the proper paperwork for clients
  • The three study categories:
    • Stress Relief
    • Pain Relief
    • Vitality
  • Submitting the studies and other support materials
  • Understanding how to use these protocols in your existing practice or in creating a new career path
  • Test Questions for Module 3


Module Four     $150

  • Choosing your area of expertise or specialty
  • Practicum in a professional setting
  • How to set up your office and business
  • Basic Marketing Plan
  • Contributions to the field
  • Closing Interview
  • Test Questions for Module 4

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